Local Support Groups

Mid-Willamette Queer Collective Meetup

1st Sunday of the month at 1 pm at Isaac’s Downtown
3rd Thursday of the month at 5 pm at Isaac’s Downtown
Join the “Mid-Willamette Queer Collective” Discord for more information, or contact Tricarico (tricaricoschwartz@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

PFLAG Support Group

3rd Saturday of the month at 1 pm at 700 Marion St N, Salem
Please join us for a PFLAG Salem monthly support group meeting. We offer education and support at each meeting. Spread the word, bring your friends!

Salem Youth Group Meeting (Rainbow Youth)

2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at 6 pm at 1320 Capitol St NE, Salem
Meetings are for all middle- and high-school-aged youth, 18 and under. Join us for check-in, snacks, discussions, workshops, games, arts and crafts, help with homework, and chill time!

PFLAG Parent Support Meeting

4th Thursday of the month at 6 pm at 1320 Capitol St NE, Salem
PFLAG Salem is excited to join Salem Rainbow Youth on the 4th Thursday of the month. We will offer a parent support group at the same time as Rainbow Youth. We hope to see you there!

Trans Youth Support Group (14-25) (Youth Era)

Wednesdays at 6 pm at 246 State St, Salem
Support group for trans youth ages 14 to 25, hosted by Youth Era.

Online Support Groups

Gender Expansive Support Group

Second Saturday of the month at 12 pm on ZOOM
A support group for transgender, nonbinary, gender expansive, gender non-conforming, intersex, and/or questioning folks. Visit https://forms.gle/xeWdSX7mZ83XdXU66 for more info.

Nonbinary Meetup

Last Monday of the month at 7 pm on ZOOM
Visit https://forms.gle/8PBBhHYRqEBJAzcn8 for more information.

Transmasculine Support Group

Last Wednesday of the month at 7 pm on ZOOM
Visit https://forms.gle/pEkKcvWV4cbqYPQZA for more info.

Trans-Fem Support Group

First Monday of the month at 7 pm on ZOOM
Visit https://forms.gle/aHjY2tnyYQWm8nWZ7 for more info.

Brave Space Trans Women & Nonbinary Femmes Weekly Hangout

Wednesdays at 6 pm online
Visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSck for more info.

Queer, Trans & Disability Support Group

Thursdays at 6 pm on Google Meets
The group is open to all LGBTQIA people, including trans, nonbinary, questioning, and gender-diverse folks, ages 13+. This is a space where queer and trans people with disabilities can chat about their experiences, discuss chosen topics, and share resources and validation. Email info@transponder.community for the event link.


4th Tuesday of the month at 6 pm on ZOOM
This group is for Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color, who are also LGBTQIA2S, questioning, and/or somewhere on the rainbow. Email info@transponder.community for the link.

Trans Community Support Group

4th Saturday of the month at 3:30 pm on ZOOM
A monthly gathering for trans/nonbinary identified and questioning folks to socialize, share resources, and provide support surrounding the achievements and challenges we encounter from living the shared experience of being gender diverse. Email info@transponder.community for the link.

Queer Trans Intersex Black Indigenous People of Color Support Group

1st Wednesday of the month at 6 pm on ZOOM
Monthly support group put on by Mid Willamette Trans Support Network. Sign up here: LINK.

RE-CIS-TANCE! 18+ Support Group

Thursdays at 6:30 pm at Mangata Wellness
Transgender or gender diverse? Join this 18+ support group to share stories, gain social support, explore gender, process discrimination, strengthen self and collective-care, and gather information and resources. At Mangata Wellness: 388 State St, Suite 1100, Salem, OR. Fill out this interest form to be contacted for more information and to sign up: LINK.

TransParent Support Group

3rd Saturday of the month at 11 am on Google Meets
A support group for all caregivers with transgender, gender diverse, and gender-questioning youth. It is a space for parents, caregivers, and guardians to share questions and ideas with one another about how to support their youth in a private discussion group. The group also welcomes adult trans and gender-diverse folks who may not have children but are focused on supporting the parenting of gender-diverse children. Email info@transponder.community for the link.

Late Awakenings

3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm on ZOOM
A peer-led support group for female identifying and non-binary people who are questioning their orientation or have come out and identify as lesbian/bi/queer. Join Zoom Meeting: https://pdxqcenter-org.zoom.us/j/5453370421
Meeting ID: 545 337 0421
Passcode: 048650

Grupo de Afinidad LGBTQIA2S+ en Español
(Spanish LGBTQIA2S+ Affinity Group)

En línea cada jueves de 5:30 a 7:30 pm (El primer jueves de cada mes en Q Center.) Somos un grupo LGBTQIA2S+ y aliados de habla hispana. Nuestro objetivo es compartir nuestras experiencias y desafíos como migrantes en relación con nuestra identidad de género, expresión de género y orientación sexual. Este grupo es totalmente en español.
Enlace de Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89378585495.
Forma de registro: https://forms.gle/1gHGMz2DpKppMF5Z7.

Gender Queery

1st Monday of the month at 7 pm on ZOOM
A discussion group for genderqueer people, folks outside-the-gender-binary, trans folk, and allies (i.e. everyone allied with the GLBTQQ community). For more information contact Kim at kim_yinyang@yahoo.com or join their Facebook group.


Every 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesday of the month on ZOOM
A support, social, and resource group for transwomen, intersex, two-spirit, non-binary, questioning and other people who are looking to cultivate a more femme gender expression, presentation, and/or identity. To see an up-to-date meeting schedule or for more information visit https://transfem.group.

Transmasculine, Non-Binary Transmasc, and FTM Peer Support Group

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm online
This is a safe space for trans folks, centering AFAB trans identities including Transmasculine, Non-Binary, and FTM, whether intersex or endosex. We welcome people of all ages, races, class, ability, body type, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, people at any point in their transition, and also support those who don’t want to or can’t transition. Email transmascportland@gmail.com for the password and link if you wish to join virtually.

Trans Guyz

Every 3rd Saturday of the month at 6 pm on Google Meets
A peer-led social support and discussion group for people assigned female at birth who now identify otherwise, including people who are trans, enby/nonbinary, FTM, two spirit, Ag/aggressive, genderqueer, affirmed male, androgynous, agender, intersex, transmasculine, and questioning. ASL interpretation is available on request. To join, please email tranzguys@gmail.com.

Friday Night Trans Women’s Support Group

Fridays at 7 pm on ZOOM
Peer support and social group for all Transgender Women (Transgender AMAB/DMAB/Intersex folks who are MtF, Fem-drogenous, Trans-fem, Two-Spirit, Non-binary fem, Gender-queer fem, Gender-fluid fem, Asexual fem, Aromantic fem, & etc.; however living/presenting somewhere along the feminine spectrum some or all of the time; whether medically/socially transitioning or not). Open and welcoming to newcomers. Email: sarah@sightworks.com. Zoom Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/upIkf-yhqDsv5TsrR3K1aQkW9tvnaHW_kQ

LGBTQ Bipolar and Depression Support Alliance

Mondays at 7 pm on ZOOM
Peer-led support group for LGBTQIA2S+ people who live with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, or related illnesses. To RSVP and obtain the Zoom information, please email your name, the first initial of your last name, and your pronouns to dbsalgbtqiazoom@gmail.com.